Remember Palo Pinto! 12/16/2005

The natural gas explosion that occurred near Palo Pinto, Texas, at 1:45 am on December 16, 2005, Texas, is kind of like my "Pearl Harbor" or maybe the "Alamo" would be a better metaphor. Palo Pinto was the touchstone that went unheeded.

The explosion "left a crater 250 yards wide and about 30 feet deep", according the local fire chief. Car-size rocks were blasted into the air. The ensuing fire burned over a square mile.

Alas, Texas Railroad Commission officials immediately downplayed the event caused by an industry that got them elected. In turn, the drillers mounted an unprecedented ad campaign that convinced most north Texas mineral owners that Palo Pinto was an aberration, nothing to worry about.

But as we have seen repeatedly, oil and gas drilling "aberrations" are as common at the lies told by the industry and its political enablers.

The explosion at Palo Pinto gave the City of Fort Worth and environs a suitable warning. It went unheeded. Locally elected officials, following the lead of gas & oil man, Mayor Mike Moncrief, chose to ignore the warning. Five years later, they are STILL ignoring it. We STILL have an inadequate drilling ordinance. We STILL don't have an proper environmental study. But we DO have the same elected officials

And they are STILL accountable. Remember their names.

Relive recent history in the following videos and reports. They will remind you of how dangerous it is to live in north Texas. I hope they inspire you to get involved in protecting your community.

Excellent insider report in Industrial Fire World:

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Fox News brief:,2933,178903,00.html