T.C.U.'s "other" Game

tcu guinea pigYea Frogs! Great job! You brought home the Rose Bowl trophy! You had your big celebration! But another big game is still on the line. And TCU is losing Big Time. Let's talk about the Dignity game.

Let's talk about TCU's incestuous relationship with many of the big players and enablers of the natural gas industry.
Let's talk about how TCU has spent thousands of dirty dollars trying to dress up a dirty industry with lies and deceptions.
Let's talk about the dirty deal TCU made to keep drilling off-campus.
Lets' talk about how TCU puts money ahead of public health and the environment.
Let's talk about how the director of the TCU Energy Institute feeds propaganda to students and school kids about natural gas.
Let's talk about how TCU helps perpetuate the myth of clean burning natural gas.
Let's talk about why the Big Gas Mafia loves TCU so much.

A great university cannot be judged by its football team or how much money it raises, alone. The Rose Bowl trophy means nothing as long as TCU continues aiding and abetting the dirty energy industry. What counts is character and integrity. Some of TCU's faculty, staff and alumni abandoned those principles when they crawled into bed with the natural gas industry.

They have fostered a kind of mindless following by playing a shell game using football and other sports as a diversion to keep your eye off the ball.

Let's turn this game around and bring back the trophy that really counts. Dignity.