Buzzworm Artists are Best Of FW Weekly winners!

The Fort Worth Weekly's Best of 2009 winners were announced this week. Two artists who participated in the Buzzworms in the Backyard 2009 exhibition, Grayson Harper and Chris Blay, were recognized in the CULTURE category. There is no doubt that Grayson and Chris are two of the gutsiest artists in Dirty Ol' Town. Well done guys!

from the FW Weekly website:

Outsider Artist

Critic's choice: Grayson Harper

Peculiar scenes featuring people are this Fort Worth artist's stock in trade, and his in-your-face style is captivating and edgy without being crass. Rather than looking to Mother Nature for inspiration, he visits a slum or a morgue. An exhibition of his work at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center included "Home For Christmas," a large oil-on-canvas depicting a dead soldier in a pine box. And his startling "We Signed" shows people celebrating after signing gas leases, with money literally falling from the sky. The scene oozes with dread.

Gallery Art Show of Last 12 Months

Critic's choice: Microaudiotellarevolution, by Christopher Blay, Gallery 414
Is Chris Blay the only artist in town with any balls? As fantastic as some 817 painters and sculptors are, they're still painting and sculpting. Blay is re-imagining what art can be and do, and Microaudiotellarevolution has to go down as his most ambitious project yet. A haunting multimedia exhibit inspired by the 1980 coup in Liberia, Microaudiotellarevolution interrogated the mediatization of reality by confronting the viewer with antiquated media (ancient microfilm machines, ancient tape recorders, ancient overhead projectors), a veritable Wall of Babel, and imagery (army men, soldiers, dictators) lifted from the war-torn Third World. As we said in a Feb. 18 review, "The inert yet dynamic space Blay has created has the aloofness of a news report from the gory frontlines and the quiet intimacy of a bedtime story written by David Lynch, Jim Morrison, and Colonel Kurtz."

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