America's Team: Re-defined

I used to be a huge Cowboy's fan before I got a life. Or, maybe it was after the Cowboys started losing. Whatever, one useless passion died but several useful ones sprang to life.

But I'm a changed man ever since the City of Pittsburgh, PA banned gas drilling in 2010. For that reason, alone, Pittsburgh deserves to be the NEW America's Team. Now, I'm talking like a Yinzer and dreaming of Lombardi trophies.

Thanks to my good Pitt friend and comrade Bob Donnan, I'm now a Citizen of Steelers Nation. Bob presented me the attached certificate which I have posted on my Wall of Honor above my computer along with my FW Weekly Best Rabblerouser Award of 2006 and Sagamore Hill Elementary Spelling Bee Champion of 1963.

Bob's work to bring awareness of the dangers of gas drilling is one reason why Pittsburgh has banned gas drilling. His website is HERE. You da' man, Bob!

Call me a traitor but, the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Cowboys under the flag of Barnett Shale Nation is no longer my cup-o-tea.

Go Stillers!