Cathy Hirt for Mayor of Dirty 'Ol Town

Cathy Hirt

Politics is not pretty and, for me, electing politicians is basically a, "hold your nose" exercise. Most everything about it runs counter to my idealistic nature. I tend to avoid it for my own health and well being.

But this year, I made an exception to my rule about installing yard signs for politicians and posted two signs supporting Cathy Hirt for Mayor of Fort Worth. Importantly, they are right next to my well worn, Just Say NO to Urban Gas Drilling sign.

For those to whom gas drilling is THE issue, the choice is easy. But getting Cathy elected is not easy. She needs our help. Last week, Chesapeake Energy endorsed Betsy Price for mayor. The other front runner, Jim Lane, has significant ties to the industry. Both he and Price felt obligated to state how much they respect and admire present Mayor Mike Moncrief, the worst mayor in Cowtown history.

I feel an obligation to follow suit with my own endorsement of Cathy Hirt and a quick reminder of the folly of electing anyone who even remotely admires Moncrief.

Moncrief did what he was paid to do by his industry pals: Get elected and proceed to grease the wheels of urban gas drilling by whatever means necessary. He did that in spades, allowing FW to become a guinea pig for a dirty industry. A massive infrastructure is now in place that will be difficult if not impossible to reverse. It's toxic roots extend from city hall to the boardrooms of every major public institution in town. The kool-aid jar is empty. The legacy of Mike Moncrief's tenure will haunt Fort Worth for decades or longer.

Faced with this new reality, it doesn't take a cynic to believe that, we are fucked. Cathy might even privately agree with that statement but that does not deter her from trying to reverse some of the damage, to make a difference. Before she can do that, however, she MUST get elected.

No politician can be everything we want them to be but here's a few reasons why I support Cathy Hirt for Mayor:

- Co-founded CREDO (Coalition for a Reformed Drilling Ordinance) and organizer of first public rally for a moratorium on urban gas drilling. (8/07/08)

- Supported Buzzworms in the Backyard Strikes again!, an exhibition of art against gas drilling (1/09/09)

- Co-sponsored the first public screening in Fort Worth of GASLAND, with Josh Fox (5/12/10)

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