Fracking Up the Trinity River

In late 2009, Chesapeake Energy managed to get waivers for a controversial gas well in the heart of Fort Worth's high-end commercial district. The site is just two blocks from the world-class Cultural District museums and the fancy, new 7th Street corridor.

Trinity Park, the crown jewel of the Fort Worth parks system, is right next door to the pad-site, a mere 225' away. This old-growth forest of Pecan, Oak and Elm trees is one of the most beautiful spots in the city. Just a short distance from the pad-site is the ever-popular duck pond, miniature train, playgrounds and hike/bike trails that attract families and children. The Trinity River flows nearby, along the perimeter.

Now, in the middle of a record-breaking drought and with the blessing of the Fort Worth Mayor and City Council, Chesapeake is preparing to frack the well with water from the river. As of last week, they began ramming water-sucking pipes through the park, right next to the duck pond and playgrounds where children play.

Hey Brother, can you spare some outrage?