Double Whammy for Them... and Us.

The drilling industry absorbed a double whammy yesterday with these two brief but damaging reports from CBS-11 DFW. On the other hand, Citizen's of the Shales are taking the same double whammy but in a different way.

Water issues:

"When gas drillers use water, it's permanently removed from the water (hydrologic) cycle.. There's a finite amount of water on planet Earth. Whenever you use it to frack, it has to be buried in the ground a million years."


What the report did not say is how that "buried", toxic water will come back to haunt us via leaks in the disposal wells casing. Ironically, earthquakes will speed up the process.

Earthquake issues:

"In all likelihood, they (earthquakes) are related to the re-injection of fluids that have been used in the hydro-fracking to extract gas."

-University of Texas at Arlington Geology Professor, Glen Mattoli

Another interesting report on the Virginia earthquake here:

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