A Fractured Fracking Tale

> Fort Worth, Texas.

> Worst drought in Fort Worth history is underway.

> Stage 1 water use restrictions went into effect yesterday.

> I took a little hike along the Trinity River today.

> Hundreds of gas wells and related infrastructure dot the entire length of river as it winds through town.

> Drilling companies are among the the largest contributors to Texas politicians.

> Fracking and drilling are exempt from water restrictions.

> Each frack job uses around 5 million gallons of fresh water.

> Prior to 2005 there were ZERO gas wells in Fort Worth.

> As of August, 2011, there are around 2,000 gas wells in the City of Fort Worth.

> Each gas well is re-fracked over and over again for many years.

> Each frack job produces millions of gallons of toxic wastewater.

> Hundreds of tanker trucks loaded with wastewater and drilling chemicals roam city streets day and night.

> Fort Worth is one of the largest generators and exporters of toxic waste in the state of Texas.

> In late 2010, Chesapeake CEO claimed they had, thus far, only drilled about 20% of planned gas wells.

> Some Fort Worth City Council members received cash donations and gifts from the drilling industry for their political campaigns.

> Mayor, Betsy Price, was openly endorsed by the drilling industry.

> Remember to water you lawn and garden ONLY on designated days.