Carter Burdette "Toll Road"

Carter Burdette recently retired from the FW City Council, rather than run again for office. That's good because he is a Very Bad Man. I prepared the following letter back in April to expose his conflicts of interest and other shenanigans. When he retired I put the letter aside, cutting him some slack. BUT, his recent and outrageous Letter to the Editor of the Star-Telegram, blaming city residents fro streets not getting repaired, prompted me to dust off my old letter. He deserves it now more than ever. See expose' at Star-TELEGRAPH:


April, 2011

Consider this recent statement by Fort Worth City Councilmen, Carter Burdette, at a 2010 budget workshop where council members were hearing about a proposal to shutter 3 of the 15 public libraries:

We do not have a place in this budget... to satisfy nostalgia. Change is coming and we have to recognize it." adding that, people will just have to drive a little farther.

"We cannot afford to put a library on every corner," Burdette said. "When we are in an economy like we are in today, everyone has got to hurt a little bit."

A library in every corner? Fort Worth now has one library for every 50,000 residents. (By contrast, similar-sized Austin has 23 libraries and is building a new $90 million central library.)

Those are odd words coming from Burdette, a wealthy, former oil and gas attorney who also pulls down $29K a year while serving the gas drilling industry on the City Council. He has sided repeatedly with urban gas drillers and stood firm against meaningful drilling reform.

I don't see him hurting much. Just what matters to Burdette, anyway? Consider this:

Camp Bowie Boulevard is the main thoroughfare cutting through Burdette's, District 7, upscale neighborhood. It's surface consists of red bricks making it quaintly... nostalgic. I like it myself and even supported saving the original bricks from being paved over back in 1985.

Quaint it may be but Camp Bowie is very expensive to maintain. Work crews are a permanent fixture on the street, repairing loose bricks and mortar, year-round, costing taxpayers way more than a standard road surface. In effect Camp Bowie is a toll road due to the hidden costs to taxpayers.

Libraries are essential. Nostalgic toll-roads, we can live without.