Dirty Ol' Town: Fort Worth, Texas, A.D. (After Drilling)

I recently gave a talk to the, Tarrant County Democratic Woman's Club. My, Powerpoint presentation was a condensed timeline, with photos, of my personal experience living in Fort Worth, Texas, A.D. (After Drilling).

It was NOT a Gas Drilling 101 with all the facts, figures and graphs. Rather, it's my personal story and remembrances in this complex experiment from, 2004 - 2011: Why I became involved and what has happened along the way, so far. Not every detail is listed (or remembered) but most of the highlights are present.

Thanks to masterful technical assistance from, Jen Schultz, and the brain-jogging consultation of Debora Young, the Powerpoint is now a YouTube video titled:

Dirty Ol' Town
Fort Worth, Texas, A.D.
2004 - 2011

Check it out here:


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