Maso-schist America

The French word for "shale" is "schist", thus the witty Gallic humor in the title of French reporter, Xavier Frison's report from a recent trip to Texas, USA. Xavier arrived from Paris to visit the land of American Maso-schists to try and understand why they endure the pain and suffering caused by shale drilling. His conclusion: They must get off on some deviant form of masochism. (Actually, I think we suffer from chronic apathy.)

Gas drilling is banned in France, at least for now. Unlike the USA, subsurface minerals are owned by the State, rather than individual landowners. Consequently, there is widespread distrust of drilling and fracking. The reporter told me that the film, GASLAND, had been widely seen all over France and has had a major impact on the decision to ban drilling.

There is an Introduction and three short articles, interviewing Don Young, Sharon Wilson and Jane Lynn. I have made an effort to translate the report into approximate English. It ain't perfect. There were some phrases that had me scratching my head. For example, I learned that, "renting the basement of your garden" translates as, "leasing your minerals."

Check out the English language PDF's below or read in French at the Politis website. Politis is roughly equivalent to our NPR.

Maso-schist intro

City of 2000 wells

Extraction of all evil

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