Drilling, Earthquakes & Motley Fools

From the, "What-is-this-world-coming-to" Department...

The Fort Worth City Council will soon decide if allowing earthquakes inside the city limits is OK.

I've lost track of the number of earthquakes that have occurred in the Barnett Shale since the beginning of the big bad boom, but it's a lot.

Similar quakes have ravaged Arkansas, Colorado and other states where fracking and toxic waste injection wells are commonplace. There are well over 100 injection wells in the Barnett, alone.

In nearly all of these places, earthquakes were unheard of until the drillers showed up. As FW League of Neighborhoods, President, Libby Willis, points out in her upcoming, Special to the Star-Telegram,

"When the injections stopped, the earthquakes stopped."

Armed with that vital information, the motley fools known as, The Fort Worth City Council, may soon allow injection wells inside the City limits. This fits their pattern of marching to the orders of the City's legal department who get their orders from Chesapeake, XTO and other drilling fanatics. Smell's funny, don't it.

But don't worry citizens. As the city attorney likes to say, "It will be done in an orderly fashion." Right, Sarah. Of course, you cooooould flood their email boxes with letters of protest, in an orderly fashion:

Mayor Betsy Price: betsy.price@fortworthgov.org
City Attorney: Sarah.Fullenwider@fortworthgov.org
Sal Espino: District2@fortworthgov.org
Zim Zimmerman: district3@fortworthgov.org
Danny Scarth: District4@fortworthgov.org
Frank Moss: District5@fortworthgov.org
Jungus Jordan: District6@fortworthgov.org
Dennis Shingleton: district7@fortworthgov.org
Kathleen Hicks: district8@fortworthgov.org
Joel Burns: District9@fortworthgov.org

Read Ms. Willis' essay in the new blog, Fort Worth Follies:


----> FWCANDO has been reporting on the earthquake-drilling link since 2007. See previous posts for more info.


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