Vote the Environment - Vote Lon Burnam

"He's always talking about environmental issues. He's not talking about any issues that make a difference to constituents."

That comment recently burbled forth from the unmanaged mouth of Carlos Vasquez when describing his opponent in the District 90 Texas House race, State Representative Lon Burnam.

In the zany world of 2012 Texas politics such a pea-brained statement counts as an insult against Mr. Burnam.

In MY world it says two things:

1) Lon Burnam is tuned in to what matters most to his constituents and is a dependable ally.
2) If elected, Vasquez would not be a reliable defender of human health and the environment.

Your vote will help determine the outcome.
Vote tomorrow, May 29.

Over his 30-years of service, Lon Burnam has often been the ONLY sane voice in the Texas House defending Mother Earth and the people who live in District 30. Democrats, Republicans, Independents and people of all colors have all benefited from his leadership.

A vote for Lon Burnam is a vote for for the environment. It is essential that we re-elect Lon Burnam.