I'm an Armendariz

from Jim Schermbeck, Downwinders at Risk:

This Wednesday at 10 EST, Dr. Al Armendariz will be facing off with Smokey Joe Barton in Washington at a hearing of a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Some of us have decided to try and put up a new website by the time Dr. Al begins to testify that will both show we stand behind him and try to build a larger base of support for him and his work. The site is: http://www.imanarmendariz.com and it's name comes from this quote by Senator Inhofe (R-Oil and Gas) after he learned that Dr. Al resigned:

"It's not just Armendariz.
There are lots of other Armendarizes around."

To prove how right the Senator is, we're collecting pics from citizens who are proudly willing to stand behind a sign that says "I am an Armendariz" - that they too are for prosecuting environmental criminals instead of coddling them, and support Al as he faces another round of needless harassment in order to advance the House's radical anti-EPA agenda. We'll put these "I am an Armendariz" pics up online a the new website. If you want to contribute, please send your pics to:


We're looking forward to receiving everyone's contributions.

Thanks for your consideration.
Jim Schermbeck
Downwinders at Risk