Notes from the Underground

What do the following high-profile locations in Fort Worth, Texas have in common?

Forest Park (FW Zoo, miniature train, sports fields, Log Cabin Village)
Sycamore Park (Sports fields used by public and Texas Wesleyan University)
Gateway Park (FW Dog Park, sports fields, bike trail)
Trinity Park (Duck pond, picnic sites, playgrounds, concert site)
7th Street corridor (Cultural District, museums, shops, cafes, high-rise apts.)


These are just a few of the heavily-travelled places where large diameter, natural gas pipelines have been buried underground in recent months. These pipelines, servicing dozens of new gas wells in the area are filled with explosive, UN-odorized natural gas, straight from the padsites.

This is what Barnett Shale frackers do while waiting for the inevitable rise in the price of natural gas.Build pipelines. Lots of them. In a densely populated city. Population: 758,738+. Right under your noses and right under your feet.

It gets better...

Jaw-dropping as it may seem, Chesapeake Energy is currently installing a NG pipeline along Lancaster Avenue, right downtown, that services a single Chesapeake gas well (Westgate padsite). Lancaster is one of the busiest thoroughfares in town. The U.S. Post Office, T&P railway station, FW Water Gardens, I-30 and numerousoffices, apartments and hotels straddle the pipeline, just a few steps away.




Lancaster Avenue in downtown Fort Worth. 9/12/12. Who owns this town? 


...or worse depending on where you live.

Chesapeake saved their worst for the low-income, working class neighborhood along East Rosedale Street where English is rarely spoken and poverty is a given. This proposed pipeline, servicing the Anderson Padsite, rivals the infamous Carter Avenue pipeline in it's intrusiveness and utter lack of concern for the safety of the neighborhood.


How close is too close for 8" UN-odorized, natural gas pipelines? 

These flags represent the pipeline path. FW City Council thinks this is OK.
See next pic of same house from different angle.



The folks living here and along several blocks of East Rosedale were not even aware the purpose of these survey flags.
What realtor would want to list such a property?


Most affected homes will have a dangerous 8" natural gas pipeline buried right at their front porch. 
Would you want to invest in this neighborhood?



URGENT action is requested of you.
The Fort Worth City Council that allowed the HIgh-Impact Anderson padsite which naturally led to this unacceptable pipeline proposal will determine the fate of the neighborhood on Tuesday, September 18 at 10 AM. Even if you think Fort Worth is a lost cause, please send something like the following to Mayor Priceand/or your Council member.:
Dear Mayor Price-

The proposed, Anderson ROW Pipeline along East Rosedale (M&C 25657) poses an unacceptable risk to the general public and the immediate neighborhood. I strongly urge you to do one of the following:

A. Deny the pipeline permit outright. The High-Impact Anderson pad-site should never have been permitted and should be permanently plugged.

B. Approve the permit ONLY if Chesapeake (Texas Midstream) purchases and removes all homes and businesses along the north side of East Rosedale Street where this proposed line runs creating a barely tolerable neighborhood buffer.


Don Young


Sycamore Park in east Fort Worth. Drilling not allowed in public parks but pipelines are A-OK thanks to FW City Council.


Tree limbs in the way of pipeline? No problem for FW City Council. 


Tennis anyone? You'll have to take a number. Chesapeake owns the court.