Rolling Stones Hip to Fracking

MIck Jagger makes a minor but important reference to "hydraulic fracking" in the new Rolling Stones barn-burner, Doom and Gloom. It's part of their 50th anniversary tour coming up.

"Fracking has certainly become one of the major issues of our time. In the beginning of the third verse of our new Stones single, 'Doom and Gloom,' Mick gives the lines: 'Fracking deep for oil, but there's nothing in the sump.' Now, the song itself is not at all about fracking. The theme of the tune is as the title suggests — things that make us think about doom and gloom. Things that scare us a bit or that frustrate us in some way.

"Certainly I think a lot of folks have fears and reservations about the practice of fracking, and I think with those two short lines that Mick put in the song about it, he taps into the trepidation that exists about fracking. Mick has always been a master of including current events in some of the lines of his lyrics, and he does it yet again here, giving all of us something to think about!"

Read full interview with Chuck Leavell, the band keyboardist, who also happens to be the co-founder of Mother Nature Network, HERE: