Most Hated Woman in Fort Worth: Julie Wilson

Dang that woman! The news that Chesapeake Energy Propaganda Minister, Julie Wilson, is leaving the company disturbed my semi-retirement from rabble-rousing. Just hearing her name raised the hair on the back of my neck and conjured up bad memories of the 00's.

With the possible exception of former mayor, Mike Moneycrief, no single person has done more than to FUBAR my hometown than Julie Wilson. She is a master of deceit but doesn't really give a sh*t if you believe her or not, UNLESS you wield political power. The way she handled City of Fort Worth officials and other power players in the mid 00's made ass-kissing and brown-nosing the official sports of Cowtown.
Her intimidating style is a mixture of Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil (Sleeping Beauty) and, of course, a healthy dose of Nazi-style propaganda, a la her role model, Joseph Goebbels. She worked hard to earn her nickname, The Most Hated Woman in Fort Worth.

If Fort Worth ever had a moral compass it was pilfered by Julie Wilson and thrown down a frack hole.

She talked about industrial gas rigs as if they were her intimate lovers. She uttered the word "spud" frequently and seemed to enjoy the way it rolled off her forked tongue. In a press release from 2008, she wrote: "Chesapeake will be spudding Fort Worth's first downtown gas well this Friday, August 15. The Trinidad is one of the newer, quieter and more attractive rigs in our fleet... we want you to know that we're paying special attention to noise and aesthetics." She went on to gleefully describe the rigs specially painted turquoise color as if it were benign as a bicycle.

The list of Julie's toxic legacy over the past few years is lengthy. You'll find plenty of old horror stories at or at

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