Pottersville Re-named Shaleopolis

My favorite Christmas movie of all time has to be, It's a Wonderful Life, by the great film director, Frank Capra, (1897-1991). Capra was the grand old master of social commentary. His little cautionary tale of troubled George Bailey, played convincingly by Jimmy Stewart, touches the heart if not a nerve in most everyone.

Remember Palo Pinto! 12/16/2005

The natural gas explosion that occurred near Palo Pinto, Texas, at 1:45 am on December 16, 2005, Texas, is kind of like my "Pearl Harbor" or maybe the "Alamo" would be a better metaphor. Palo Pinto was the touchstone that went unheeded.

The explosion "left a crater 250 yards wide and about 30 feet deep", according the local fire chief. Car-size rocks were blasted into the air. The ensuing fire burned over a square mile.

Have Yourself a Merry...

tt Judy Garland first sang this classic Christmas tune in the 1944 MGM musical, Meet Me in St. Louis.

The original lyrics are especially bittersweet for a holiday song, ("... we'll just have to muddle through somehow... ")

Buzzworm Artists are Best Of FW Weekly winners!

The Fort Worth Weekly's Best of 2009 winners were announced this week. Two artists who participated in the Buzzworms in the Backyard 2009 exhibition, Grayson Harper and Chris Blay, were recognized in the CULTURE category. There is no doubt that Grayson and Chris are two of the gutsiest artists in Dirty Ol' Town. Well done guys!

from the FW Weekly website:

Outsider Artist

Critic's choice: Grayson Harper


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