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Buzzworms in the Backyard
Strikes Again!

buzzworm n : a quaint, western euphemism for a rattlesnake 2 : an insistent, noisy vibration 3 : a warning sign 4 : a metaphor for a natural gas drilling rig.

Gas Drilling Virus (Photo-montage) 2007-Kathy Chruscielski: Buzzworms in the Backyard entry

~ Call for Entries ~

FWCanDo makes an open call to all artists to submit entries in all media to the second annual Buzzworms in the Backyard, an exhibition of art against urban gas drilling. Artists may enter up to three works at a fee of $10.00 per entry, or three for $25.00. Art will be juried from the actual work (no slides or cd’s) with $500.00 in prizes to be awarded.

Exhibition Dates and Location
January 9-30, 2009

Fort Worth Community Art Center (Back Gallery)
1300 Gendy Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

A Long Slow Goodbye (steel, clay, oil & water) 2007-Jennifer Dawson: First Place Award

Ed and Linda Blackburn
Ed and Linda are nationally-recognized and revered artists and collaborators “who live in Fort Worth, show here and beyond, teach some, are interested in our town, it’s doings and the art done here”.
Recent exhibitions include two solo shows at Artspace 111. Ed’s work was recently seen at SUNDAY L.E.S. in New York and he received the Distinguished Texas Artist Award in 2006.

Pre-registration Deadline: December 29 (after that date entry fees increase to $15.00 each).
Delivery Date for all entries: Saturday, January 3, 2-5PM
Pick up of entries not accepted: Wednesday, Jan. 7, 3-5PM
Opening Reception: Friday, January 9, 2009, 6 -9 PM
Awards presentation 7:00 PM
Pick up of all exhibited work: Friday, January 30 3- 5PM

All work must reflect the theme of the exhibition and be original and created without supervision. Two or three-dimensional works in all media are accepted and may not exceed 48 inches in any dimension. FWCanDo reserves the right to exclude entries that do not follow size or theme guidelines. Due to space limitations, some works may be excluded from exhibition. By entering the show the artist agrees to allow FWCanDo the right to use their images on it’s website and for other promotional purposes. Additionally, the FWCAC allows visitors to photograph works of art. Therefore, this work may be reproduced in publications and for publicity purposes in connection with this exhibition.

All 2-D works must be suitably framed and wired for hanging. Works requiring special installation must have accompanying instructions and hardware.

The artist will be responsible for delivery and pick up of the work to and from the Fort Worth Community Art Center on the dates and times listed above.

Work from outside the area must be shipped to and from Fort Worth at the artist’s expense to arrive no later than December 29th. Shipping address:

3512 View Street
Fort Worth, TX 76103
Phone: 817-731-2787

Artists must pre-register by December 29th and may enter up to three works. There will be a non-refundable fee of $10.00 per entry or $25.00 for three. Late registration fees are $15.00 per entry. Checks may be made payable to FWCanDo. Proceeds from the fee go directly to the costs of the exhibition.

20% of any sales go to the Fort Worth Community Art Center.
All reasonable care will be given to the works submitted. However, all works are handled and displayed at the individual artist’s risk. The Fort Worth Community Art Center will insure the exhibition under it’s existing insurance policy which covers against all risk of physical loss or damage while on the premises during the period of the exhibition. FWCanDo will not be responsible for loss or damage to any work while in custody or transit. Works must be picked up promptly by requested dates. Artwork cannot be stored at FWCAC. Submission of an entry to this exhibition constitutes agreement on the part of the entrant to all of the above conditions.

M-F 9AM - 5PM
SAT 10AM - 5PM

To pre-register download the entry form and save as an attachment. Fill out all parts and email back to FWCanDo no later than Monday, December 29th. To complete your registration mail a check payable to FWCanDo, postmarked no later than Monday, December 29th to:

Buzzworms in the Backyard
3512 View Street
Fort Worth, TX 76103

To pre-register by US mail call to request an entry form.
If you miss the deadline, you may still register when you bring your work to the FW Community Art Center.


QUESTIONS? For further information
Call Don Young @ 817-731-2787 or write:
P.O. Box 470041
Fort Worth, TX 76147

About Urban Gas Drilling in Fort Worth

In 2006, Fort Worth, Texas became the first large city in the nation to allow drilling for natural gas in densely populated areas - as close as 200’ from dwellings. While relatively few may be enriched by this unprecedented event, many others are concerned about the negative impact and far-reaching implications of industrial drilling in their communities.

With drilling either underway or planned for nearly every neighborhood, issues such as safety, air and water quality, property values, destruction of natural habitat, and threats to neighborhood integrity are very real. For example, recent, peer reviewed research proves that gas drilling is now the largest single contributor to air quality, as illustrated in this report by Dr. Al Aremndariz:

Because billions of dollars are at stake the powerful energy extraction industry aided by political interests are trying to control the debate via massive advertising campaigns and donations to local charities and institutions. However, as drilling operations move deeper into residential neighborhoods and parks, many people are turning their apathy into activism.

In the grand tradition of political protest art, and participatory democracy, FWCanDo (Fort Worth Citizens Against Neighborhood Drilling Ordinance), issues a call to artists to submit works that reflect these concerns.

Artists, from Goya to Picasso to Keith Haring, to Anonymous have played a crucial role in bringing awareness and expression to the injustices of their times.

Buzzworms in the Backyard provides an opportunity for artists to publicly express their concerns about these important issues. It also encourages them, and the community, to take a closer look at the facts concerning gas drilling in Fort Worth.

Links to learn more:

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